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The Vita Nova.

Touring the canals and waterways of the Netherlands aboard the Vita Nova, under the watchful eye of her Captain, is a real pleasure. Relax on board as the boat navigates the canals and waterways, the lock gates and even the great expanse of the Ijsselmeer and Markermeer, Holland’s inland man made seas. Weather and conditions permitting, this is always the decision of the Captain. Countless numbers of these canals and waterways run all over Holland and just about anywhere is reachable via the boat. Then from where ever the boat docks for a while hire a bicycle and explore the countryside or the urban area whatever takes your fancy. With this combination of boat and bicycle all Holland is at your fingertips and all the important sites of both modern and historical interest are there waiting for you. When you decide to take a cruise by barge we can propose a detailed itinerary and, in consultation with the Captain, decide the route in advance. Of course it is impossible to make any route punctual to the minute sailing times, water currents, bridges, locks and other traffic can all add to the delays. In all cases it is important to discuss your wishes concerning the route at the beginning of your tour, the Captain is the expert who knows what is possible. In most cases barge tours start and end in Amsterdam. Vita Nova can be reached easily by car but parking is very difficult and expensive we advise you to use public transport. The cruising areas of the barges are the navigable inner waterways: rivers, canals and lakes, the provinces of North and South Holland being the most important.

Plans of the Vita Nova.

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