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General Information

Examples of tours offered:

• Tulp tour (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Kudelstaart, Amsterdam)
• Fairy tales & Castle tour Kastelen (Amsterdam, Lek, Gorinchem, Heusden, Drongelen, Gouda, Alphen aan de Rijn, Amsterdam)
• Sporty Tour (Amsterdam, Hoek van Kuffelen, Bataviastad, Dronten, Kotterbos, Amsterdam
• Shopping weekend: Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Haarlem, Amsterdam

We also offer the facility of rental bikes or allow you to bring your own bike all of which can be stored on deck. The beauty of combining sailing with cycling is that you can enjoy the Dutch historical cities you visit or make an unforgettable tour through the (very flat!) Dutch country side and imagine you are in one of Rembrandt’ paintings yourself or we offer you the ability to cycle to the next city and pick you up per boat for a good meal and well deserved night rest. We are very flexible and offer tailor made packages offering choice on both menu as tour routes. Possibilities are limitless an example would be from touristy Amsterdam to shoppers-loving Haarlem to academic and historical Leiden and back. As long as there is a river in a city we can bring you there! All tours offer breakfast and if desired lunch and dinner (buffet). For more information please contact us by email or phone.

Tulip Tour:
5 days 4 nights:
Day 1: Amsterdam check in after 14.00
Day 2: Amsterdam sailing to Haarlem
Day 3: Haarlem sailing to Kudelstaart
Day 4: Kudelstaart sailing to Amsterdam
Day 5: Amsterdam checkt out: 11.00

Fairy tales & castle tour:
8 days 7 nights:
Day 1: Amsterdam check in 14.00
Day 2: Amsterdam sailing to Lek
Day 3: Lek sailing to Gorinchem
Day 4: Gorinchem sailing to Heusden
Day 5: Heusden sailing to Drongelen
Day 6: Drongelen sailing to Gouda
Day 7: Gouda sailing to Alphen aan de Rijn
Day 8: Alphen aan de Rijn sailing to Amsterdam check out: 11.00

Sporty tour:
8 days 7 nights:
Day 1: Amsterdam check in 14.00
Day 2: Amsterdam sailing to Hoek van Kuffelen
Day 3: Hoek van Kuffelen sailing to Bataviastad
Day 4: Bataviastad sailing to Dronten
Day 5: Dronten sailing to Kotterbos
Day 6: Kotterbos sailing to Amsterdam
Day 7: Amsterdam
Day 8: Amsterdam check out 11.00